my winter hideout

Beware, extremely long and picture-heavy post ahead! πŸ˜€

Okay, so I live on mainland, at a beautiful coast, and I love my land dearly… but, of course, there’s no landlord changing the ground-texture to snow for me! I decorated my little shop for winter, but somehow, that was not enough. Luckily I had prims to spare, so up went another Turnip’s skydome – there’s a free update available, don’t miss out on it if you own an older model of the dome! – and here it is, my winter hideout…. hope you enjoy!

I sincerly hope I have credited everything… if you see something and are not sure where to get it, let me know! The house from ++HY’s++ is originally a shop building, with an open entryway in the room where I put my bed. I added a sliding door, and I also re-textured the floors.



Turnip’s – Skydome 2.0 – Winter

*Ya’s* Snowy Pathway / Copy + Mod

*.emm: winter escape (white wood)

Tobias Novi – 8 Conifers 2 Prims (C) Winter

Tobias Novi – 8 Conifers 2 Prims (B) Winter

Tobias Novi – Snowman

Tobias Novi – Winter Birch

++HY’s++/Store-03*a (modded)

Botanical – Winter Sugar Maples

KIDD– Snowy Meadow 10×10

KIDD – Frozen Pool and Circle Snow

Zigana – Winter grass 2

Zigana – Leaf. Winter

!SP! Snow Day Sled Prop

Trompe Loeil – Rustic Lantern Bars

New Trails – Snowy Fern


{ ililo } morning stool

LISP – Rope trick lamp

LISP– Deer Chair and Sofa

LISP– Anna Coffee table brown

LISP – Anna chair with stool

[K] – Kettle green

{what next} Charlotte Woodburning Stove black

-Hanaya- Pine Wreath with Candle

Tharyn Design – FurRug V2

Kis Kis – Winter lights

(iTuTu) branch light

Zigana – drawers light

Nordari – assorted rugs

Second Spaces – vintage movie posters

CHABINNS Shadow Clock

*atmosphere works* clubhouse sandwich

Atelier Kreslo – Mug

Zigana – from where we travel cabinet

Zigana – weathered mirror

LISP – Anna Tea lights 5 flames

LISP – Grandpa lamp

PILOT Magon Art Collection

MudHoney – Priya Bed

Oyakin – *Curtain* leaf

Zigana – Apothecary cabinet light

HBLYS precious owl

LISP– little glow jar red

Tharyn Design FurRug V1



All links can be found on the Link Page!


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