[KoKoLoReS]: New release & XOXO Valentines Special!


There’s a new hair release at the KoKoLoReS mainstore – Diana! It’s a sleek sexy long style, fitted, and comes in colour hud options Naturals, Rainbow, Ombre, Balayage and Unicorn Dreams!

Aaaaand there is a special, seven colours Love Fades option for the XOXO hunt – all you need to do to get it for free is romancing the lovebox! 😀 How you do that? I’m quoting from the XOXO hunt site, where you can find a gallery of all the stuff by participating stores:

…I have to romance a box…?!?
Only if you want to! Ehem.
Once you find the lovebox, say ‘xoxo’ in local chat.
If you’re lucky, the lovebox will totally be taken with you and give you the item for free!
If you’re unlucky, you really have to practice your loving, ok?
Unfortunately, you have to wait for another 24 hours before you can romance the lovebox again (time makes the heart fonder and such and such, yanno)
But if you are impatient, or if loveboxes aren’t your type, or you NEED THE THING NOW, then you can buy the item from the vendor for only 50L, woohoo!

You’ll find the Hunt hud inworld or on MarketPlace.

I hope you like Diana, and that you will have a great Valentines Day! ❤

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