unedited # 004 – Café SCHnickSCHnack



Lately I have been dreaming of having a litte café on the KoKoLoReS sim, and after I saw Hitsu Ruby’s new building on flickr, I just needed to get on it!

So I present to you the Café SCHnickSCHnack – you are invited to come over, have a look around, drink some coffee (of course!), eat donuts, muffins….. and take photos!


There’s a cosy corner sofa for the regulars, we have always fresh newspapers and a bunch of books, and the fire never goes out.



And on top of it all, it’s only a few steps to the sea!

Come visit Café SCHnickSCHnack!

Some Credits (I’m just throwing creators names in here, if you want to know about specific things, please ask!)

++HY’s++ – :HAIKEI: – junk. – .:revival:. – [tmk] – Zigana – Soy – [NIJI-YA] – {what next} – DaD – 7 Emporium – dust bunny – BALACLAVA!! –  Apple Fall – Schultz Bros. – [zerkalo] – 8f8 – Second Spaces – Dutchie – DIGS – *AF* – .:Hermony.: – Illuminati – [DDD] – +ILO+ – HPMD – Reid Parkin – Alouette

All photos were taken using Firestorm and ReShade

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