[KoKoLoReS] Hair Fair 2021 is coming – win Early Access!

I am so excited! After a one year break, Hair Fair is back!

Over 60 participating stores with exciting new releases, and all for a good cause!
A percentage of each sold hair goes to Wigs for Kids. There will also be Bandana's on sale - the last day of the event is traditionally Bandana Day.
Bandana Day in Second Life started in 2007. On that day, people from all over SL are encouraged to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by Residents
(not just hair creators!) grid wide. All money made through the sales of the bandanas goes to Wigs for Kids.

I am very excited to say that at this Hair Fair, you will see the debut of 4 new KoKoLoReS hair styles, with all new textures and colours! If you look at my flickr closely, 
you'll get some idea of what the styles may be. ;)

As you might have noticed, I haven't released any new hair for quite some time.
Last August, my dad lost his fight against cancer, which hit me very hard and took away a lot of my drive to create. I very slowly came back and decided to give the KoKoLoReS hair an overhaul. I hope you will like what I've come up with!

But now... I did say something about winning Early Access to Hair Fair 2021 at the start of this post, didn't I? YES!

Early Access will be on June 17th, and I have exactly one ticket to give away! You most likely will need a free group space, so please keep that in mind.
To win, please go to my flickr post here and comment with your SL name (not display name)!
I will pick a winner on June, 16th.

Good luck! <3

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