[KoKoLoReS] It’s Hair Fair time!

After a one year hiatus, it's Hair Fair time again!

This year, KoKoLoReS offers 4 new hair styles. Each sale donates 25% to Wigs for Kids!
It is also the debut for KoKoLoReS new hair textures - 182 of them! They are offered in a All-in-One hud. Here they are:
All 4 hairs are full alpha hairs. While Jesper, Evan and Lale are unrigged and resizable by script, Esme is a fitted mesh style. As always, please try the demos first!
I've also made 2 Bandanas for Bandana Day. They are to be found in the Bandana booths, one of which is found on each of the 6 Hair Fair Sims. All of the proceeds for sold Bandanas go to Wigs for Kids. They are giftable, too!
And last but not least, I have a gift for you: a  new textures version of one of my personal favourites, Claire! Included in the pack is an Omega hairbase, a BoM one and one for LeLUTKA EVO X heads. I hope you'll enjoy!
Have fun, happy hair shopping!

KoKoLoReS on Noirette sim
Blonde sim
Redhead sim
Foils sim
Brunette sim
Streaks sim

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