#24 – 2023

~ angle ~

[AK ADVX](kaoz.koba) - Maggie Head @ Akeruka Mainstore
Voguel (athenna20)  - Izzy Skin PORCELAIN V2 Normal (EVOX)
CINO (yogur.suki) - Biloba Eyes - Sugar Pack
. AW .(Thorny Thistle) Wimpernschlag 5 lashes - Gift!
. AW . Lippenbekenntnis 14 lipstick (coming soon)
TheShops (MeshBody) [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.5.1)
-Pretty Liars- (Nami Foxpaws) Boobs lift LEVEL 4
VELOUR (kiria.mama) Picasso Babe Skin for Legacy (MODELESQUE/PORCELAIN) S
ISON (Harry Hyx) - livia silk shirt - (Perky) @ Collabor88 May
BONDI .(Manu Wrydan) The Boss Fedora Formal Edition
. MKN .(mettekenzo.nagy) Natural Short Nails - LEGACY
cheezu. (Winter Bunny) daily thin rings : legacy
-SU!- (Eleanor Hexem) Cyanide Earrings Lel EvoX -Female R&L-
(Yummy)(Polyester Partridge) Hoop Set - Diamond Stud (R)
(Yummy) Wire Hoop -5mm - R @ Collabor88 May
loel (eileen.lomes) - do my hair 02

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