#25 – 2023

~ Grace ~

[AK ADVX](kaoz.koba) - Grace Head NEW! @ Akeruka Mainstore - get it now at a promo price!
Insol:(almercury) Rose, tone 'ROSE KISS' Lelutka EvoX /medium @ Kustom9 May
Izzie's (Izzie Button) - LeL Evo X - Mouth Corner Concealer 08
Izzie's - LeL Evo X - Frown Lines 02 45%
[avarosa] (jay.fae) Lips 6 - Pale - 100%
. AW . (Thorny Thistle) - Hairbase (soon)
CINO (yogur.suki) - Emotional Eyes 
TheShops (MeshBody) [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.5.1)
-Pretty Liars- (Nami Foxpaws) Boobs lift LEVEL 4
L x Q (moth.mommy)// Natural Nails - Jelly (Legacy F)
Izzie's - Body Pores
VELOUR (kiria.mama) Picasso Babe Skin for Legacy (MODELESQUE/ROSE KISS) 
Ladybird.(moth.mommy)// Etre v2 - Luctor Et Emergo tattoo
RichB.(salvy.hexem) FREE THE SOUL TATTOO
-[ vagrant ]- Hannah Shirt - Legacy Perky - White
TECHNOFOLK (Dafok Nova)_Thoughtless Shorts_Legacy_004.
cheezu. (Winter Bunny) daily thin rings : legacy
MICHAN (Meredith Evergarden) - Nola Rings [Legacy]
-SU!- (Eleanor Hexem) Cyanide Earrings Lel EvoX -Female R&L-
(Yummy)(Polyester Partridge) Hoop Set - Diamond Stud (R)
(Yummy) Triangle Stud - L
(Yummy) Wire Hoop -5mm - R
SAPA (NadySapa) - 267.2

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